Simple and Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Simple and Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small business owners wear many hats, they negotiate with vendors, oversee website re-design and act as their own accountant, not to mention dedicated hours to perfecting your business strategy. Finding time to grow your marketing efforts might seem impossible.

However, local marketing and brand awareness are important for businesses of any size, yet 14% of small businesses fail due to poor marketing. Getting customers through your door is probably the biggest goal you have and online local business marketing is one of the easiest ways to make that happen. Also, you don’t have to be a marketing connoisseur, just a few simple marketing hacks can help you attract new customers and keep your current customers coming back. Read on the three simple low-cost local marketing ideas you can add to your business strategy.

Have a Great Looking Updated Website

97% of the people learn about local businesses online and your customers expect your business will have a website. However, if they aren’t able to find one, today’s tech-savvy consumers will do business with your competitor. As you may know, your website is the face to your business and it allows your customers to reach you 24/7. Ensure it has all the basic information the customers might be looking for, and if you are not selling online already, then start today, it’s the best time.

Apart from selling your products or services online, your website also serves as a touchpoint that allows you to offer something value-worthy to your customers. Leverage the power of visuals to show your customers your business, and if you are an expert in something, don’t forget to tell that to your audience. Do a little digging into keywords relevant to your business, and you can increase your search engine rankings to.

Leverage the Use of Social Media

When you are running a small business, social media is one tool you should think of when you want to kick-start your marketing campaign. Social media enables you to engage with your audience and build relationships with them, thus enhancing your brand visibility. When using social media platforms, don’t forget to update your accurate business hours and contact information.

When you need to engage with the audience on social media, you have to post some valuable content as well. So, develop a strategy for this, come up with some valuable content ideas, develop them and post as well as keep track of every comment, share or like. However, if you find all this hard, then take help from a local business marketing agency. They will post relevant content, keep track of all your messages and reply to the audience. This is one of the best ways to build an unshakable rapport with your target market.

Publish Blogs that Add Value

This is undoubtedly one of the low-cost small business marketing strategies you can implement in your business. Continually provide valuable and engaging content to your audience and in no time, you will get the conversions and sales you desire. Blogging is extremely affordable because you can easily publish and promote your content for no cost.

All great content starts with a great content plan, however, your plan doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just a simple spreadsheet with upcoming blog topics and proposed dates is enough to get started. If you are not a good writer, consider hiring a freelance copywriter to do it instead. However, ensure that the information you are publishing adds value and is relevant to your niche. Also, it should convenience the reader to share and engage with your brand.

These are just a few low-cost local marketing ideas that you can take advantage of to grow your business. Tapping into these ideas you can invest in your business and promote your brand without losing much money. Then as your business grows, reinvest in marketing strategies that work best for your brand.

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