How We Can Help You.

Small, local businesses usually target very small territory. They have a limited budget, a very small team, sometimes only the owner working. They need to move fast and get quick results. Their only focus is on cash flow because it is the lifeline for their business.

If cash flow is the blood of your business, then marketing is the heart that pumps that blood. So, to set that marketing right, we have set up our local marketing services to help you reach your goals soon.

Consistent Digital Marketing for your Local Stores

All key areas of local marketing for business like campaign topics, media budget, demographic targeting, and assets like images, key text components, or videos all are pre-defined. Local stores can choose from a variety of campaigns suiting their business requirements. In addition to this, Tuckerfish, a leading local business marketing agency can activate the approval feature which allows you to review your local business marketing strategy before getting them live.

Full Control Overall Digital Marketing Activities

We offer detailed monitoring of all the local business marketing activities of your store(s). The key performance indicators like impressions, clicks, views, and engagements are provided. This helps identify your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities so you can take strategic actions to close any gaps and get ahead of your competition. From a consolidated up to a very detailed level, you get insights into all digital marketing activities of your store. We also help with creating the local marketing strategy for your business.

Expert Support for your Local Store

We offer custom-tailored recommendations and on how to improve your online presence and performance. We assist you with what campaign channels to be used, how to allocate resources to sales promotion, advertising, publicity, and personal selling, expected performance, and guiding you through other topics essential to building the best small business marketing strategies.

Our Extended Services

Local Search Engine Optimization

Tuckerfish, the best Local Marketing Firms believes that every business needs the benefit of SEO, no matter the size of their marketing budget. We offer local marketing services and Local Small Business Marketing services to help you get found and grow your business. Our services help increase your website’s rankings in the search results, receive the highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels, help mobile users easily find your business, and ensure your business is found on Google maps through other navigational apps.

Mobile Web Solutions

The majority of people today are glued to their smartphones. They rely on it to respond to emails, keep track of the news, get social media updates as well as search for products and business before making a buying decision. It is essential to optimize your website for a specific mobile search algorithm. We provide responsive mobile design solutions that let you make your mark in the online world. At Tuckerfish, we can start you off with a brand new website or convert your current website into a responsive design.